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the hand clasp bracelet

the hand clasp bracelet

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Stonk lil magnetic hands make it not only the easiest, eye catchiest (yes thats a word) clasp you'll ever have on a bracelet. but. it also is secure for where ever you take it. clasps both as a hand shake (business mode) or as a hand hold (more than friends mode) Only 555 made.

 Length: (hand hold shortens the chain by about 1")

  • Small: 6" or 7"
  • Medium: 7" or 8"
  • Large: 8" or 9"



  • Chonk: 4mm
  • Delicate: 2mm

material: Stainless steel and Antique silver plated 

tag front : °ᴗ* 

tag back: limited item number ###/555




Stainless steel with an antique silver coating.


Sizes are in US ring size. view chart here

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